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Want to know what it’s really like at Schaeffer? Listen to what our sales representations have to say about being a part of the Schaeffer team.

Brian K.,

former general manager and sales manager

With years of sales experience, Brian decided the time was right to join Schaeffer’s team. As he explains, growing your own business is tough, but the support from Schaeffer has been fantastic and worth the effort.

Theresa L.,

former health care worker

After a long career in the medical field, Theresa realized it was time for a change in what she was doing. In the short time she’s been with Schaeffer, Theresa has built up a solid customer base and has a number of industries she serves.

A Day in the Life of a Schaeffer Rep

See what a typical day is like for a Schaeffer's sale representative.

Jason B.,

following family footsteps

As a farmer and a second-generation Schaeffer sales rep, Jason explains how his agricultural background helps him connect with his farming customers.

Rob W.,

former customer turned Schaeffer rep

Before joining Schaeffer, Rob spent his days farming and using Schaeffer’s products. After moving to New Hampshire and knowing how well the products work, Rob decided to join the company and help others learn about Schaeffer’s lubricants.

Rick K.,

former customer turned Schaeffer rep

With a background in farming and diesel maintenance, Rick uses his experience to connect with customers and build his business.

Travis L.,

proud to work for a family-owned company

Seventh generation farmer Travis understands how important it is for farmers to use products they can trust from an American company with a rich history.